Missouri, University of

Location: Columbia, MO
Founded: 1839
Primary Athletic Conference: Southeastern Conference
Nickname: Mizzou
Colors: Gold, Black
Mascot Name: Truman (the Tiger)
Institution Website: missouri.edu
Athletics Website: mutigers.collegesports.com
Bookstore: mubookstore.com
Fan Shop: mutigers.cstv.com/store
Licensing: licensing.missouri.edu
Famous Alumni: Brad Pitt (Actor) Sam Walton (Entreprenuer) Sheryl Crow (Musician) Kellen Winslow (NFL) Carl Edwards (NASCAR) Cate Capshaw (Actress) Linda Godwin (Astronaut) John Anderson (ESPN)
Fun Fact: A bell is rewarded to the winner of every Mizzou/Nebraska football game. The bell was originally stolen by 2 Nebraska frats in Seward, Nebraska.

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