IMG College Licensing Services

As a full-service collegiate licensing company, IMG College Licensing provides its partner institutions industry-leading services and resources in brand protection, brand management, and brand development. These same services also help licensees and retailers improve speed-to-market and sell-through of collegiate merchandise, as well as protect the investment companies make in supporting the collegiate licensed segment of the retail marketplace.
IMGCL’s experience in protecting the trademarks of collegiate institutions is unrivaled, providing industry-leadership in strengthening collegiate trademark law, trademark registration and protection, game day enforcement, worker protection and corporate responsibility, and licensee compliance. In fact, IMGCL views brand protection and enforcement as the foundation of any effective licensing and merchandising program and has devoted significant resources to this effort.
IMGCL is the only collegiate licensing company with three full-time attorneys and three legal assistants on staff, as well as deep relationships with a network of federal and local law enforcement agencies to ensure maximum protection for partner institutions. As the collegiate segment of the retail marketplace continues to mature and global brand protection challenges continue to evolve in the digital age, IMGCL remains dedicated to protecting and strengthening the brands of partner institutions.
The cornerstone of effective licensing program management is a sound base of systems and services to support a collegiate institution’s operations with the data necessary for setting strategy. Since each collegiate institution is unique and has its own set of institutional challenges that must allow for flexibility in the licensing process, IMGCL offers an array of licensing services that complement each partner institution’s individual licensing goals.
IMGCL team of more than 90 licensing experts serves as an auxiliary staff for each institution, managing all the details and paperwork in the licensing process while each institution maintains full decision-making authority over every aspect of its licensing program, including:
• Setting royalty rates, advance fees, and exemption policies;
• Determining which product categories and distribution channels are eligible for licensing and setting guidelines and strategies for all categories and channels;
• Approving every single product and design;
• Determining which types of licenses will be available, including standard, local, and internal campus supplier licenses; and
• Establishing labor code standards required for compliance by licensees.
IMGCL also works with collegiate institutions to elevate their brands using strategic brand management principles backed by industry-leading reporting and brand control systems, providing institutions the ability to analyze their licensing programs to determine strategies for growth.
As the leader in collegiate licensing, IMGCL offers all the tools necessary to assist licensing directors with the management of their programs.
It takes time, expertise, relationships, and influence to effectively market collegiate brands in the ultra–competitive retail market. Can you give me a quick update? provides these resources to its partner institutions on a turnkey basis, allowing each individual institution to achieve its marketing objectives, as unique as they might be.
To achieve stable, long-term growth of collegiate licensing programs, IMGCL works with partner institutions to develop specific strategies to expand each collegiate institution’s brand to key channels, consumers, and categories at the national, regional, and local levels.
IMGCL provides extensive resources and personnel across a variety of brand development functions, including staff focused on apparel and non-apparel marketing, retail development, brand marketing, business development, creative services, and many other areas.
IMGCL is dedicated to protecting and managing both the integrity and long-term brand value of collegiate trademarks, while fostering growth of the collegiate licensed segment of the retail marketplace and consumer access to quality licensed merchandise across all distribution channels.